A downloadable game

Akuma no mori is a narrative experimental art game focused on evoking emotions felt through early adulthood. Players delve into the alien world as Honja, a free-spirited sharp eyed youth who has been sent out into the forest.

Akuma no mori was our student project at the IGAD, a department of NHTV Breda, NL. This is a prototype completed over the course of eight weeks completed in Summer of 2016.

Best played with a Playstation or XBOX Controller.

Running the Game: Level streaming is not optimized. Last area loads super slow so, please give it a moment to load the area.

Eilish Lambrechtsen
Zoe Nicole Smith
Bogdan Dumitriu
Thomas van den Ingh
Martijn Dijksen
Kyle Valentin
Zach Lunte

Install instructions

Download our zip file and open it up, the game and some extras await inside.